2019 National Championship

Marathon Award: Marco Ruiz

10th Duo Interpretation: Sophia Koch and Marco Ruiz

10th Extemporaneous: Gideon Malone

18th Oratorical Interpretation: Sophia Koch

6th Moot Court: Hannah Bruck and Eden Mackie

8th Oral Advocate: Ethan Tong

10th Oral Advocate: Hannah Bruck

10th Team Policy: Hannah Bruck and Grace Kirchhofer

12th Team Policy Speaker: Hannah Bruck

2019 Regional Championship

Ironman Award: Eden Mackie and Marco Ruiz

1st Apologetics: Ethan Tong

5th Biblical Thematic: Eden Mackie

5th Duo Interpretation: Andrew Hambrick and Corban Hambrick

1st Extemporaneous: Gideon Malone

4th Extemporaneous: Eden Mackie

6th Extemporaneous: Lydia Malone

3rd Illustrated Oratory: Isabella Gonzales

1st Impromptu: Gideon Malone

6th Impromptu: Eden Mackie

4th Informative: Marco Ruiz

6th Informative: Ethan Tong

8th Speech Sweepstakes: Ethan Tong

5th Team Policy: Hannah Bruck and Grace Kirchhofer

9th Team Policy: Gideon Malone and Lydia Malone

1st Team Policy Speaker: Lydia Malone

4th Team Policy Speaker: Gideon Malone

6th Team Policy Speaker: Grace Kirchhofer

8th Lincoln-Douglas: Graca Webster

5th Lincoln-Douglas Speaker: Eden Mackie

2020 Tournament Champions

Hannah Bruck: Dallas Team Policy Champion

Grace Kirchhofer: Big Sandy Moot Court Champion

Rachel Marchand: Longview Team Policy Champion

Mackenzie Palmer: Dallas Biblical Thematic Champion

Evan Patel: Dallas Team Policy Champion

Marco Ruiz: Longview Team Policy Champion, Longview Team Policy Speaker Champion, Big Sandy Moot Court Champion