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Family Membership

with 1 Student

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Family Membership

with 2+ Students

Please choose "Friend to Friend" to avoid a fee.

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If you have questions about membership in our club, contact us at


Student Leaders 


A team of experienced competitors serve as Student Leaders.  Offices the Student Leaders take on include:

  • President -  runs club meetings, heads up activities.

  • Vice President -  assists with meetings and activities, coordinates devotions.

  • TP Core - assist running TP, run evidence ring.

  • Speech Core - teach lectures, lead icebreakers.

  • All speak at community events and demonstrate personal speeches.

Parent Participation


Parents are the coaches, the organizers, and the tournament staff.   Participation is a requirement for Apollos. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending each club meeting to learn and master each event, becoming coaches.

  • Giving written/verbal feedback to students on their speeches and debates.

  • Participating in a service role, such as Tournament Mom, Prayer Leader, or Extemporaneous Coach.

  • Recruiting judges for a local tournament.

  • Helping to run our special events, like Practice Tournament and Apologetics Day.




Competitors must be homeschoolers who are age 12 to 18 on September 1 of the competitive year.


Club Dress Code


The spirit of the dress code is modesty and professionalism with the intent to glorify Christ. The goal is to minimize the focus on the body or outward appearance and maximize the focus on the development of ideas and communication skills. Students should wear modestly fitted clothing. T-shirts with offensive slogans, low- cut blouses, midriffs showing, and mini-skirts are not allowed.  Tournament dress code is professional (more details on

Code of Conduct


  • All club members (students AND parents) are to exhibit a kind, polite and respectful attitude toward others at all times and to behave in a manner that brings glory and honor to God.

  • All club members are required to stay within the geographical boundaries set by the administration of the facilities we use and are to strictly adhere to all established rules/regulations.

  • If a club member (student or parent) is disrespectful, uncooperative or disruptive, he or she will be given 1 warning. A second occurrence will result in a meeting with parents and leaders. A third problem will result in dismissal from the club. If the behavior concerns a student, the leadership will consult with the parents.

  • Mistakes will occur, but how they are dealt with is important. Conflicts will be resolved according to Matt 18:15-17, whereby the offended goes “directly" to the offender to resolve the issue, refraining from gossip and rumor. Email communication is not considered “going directly.” If necessary, one or two board members will assist to resolve the matter.

  • Public display of affection at any club event (including tournaments) is cause for dismissal from Apollos. Your behavior directly affects club members and we ask that you please forego flirting, dating, and romantic relationships, instead treating each other as brother and sister.


Once you are members of Apollos family; your actions should be professional and courteous at all times. Discipline should not be an issue at any club event; this includes camps, club meetings and tournaments. Member are responsible for their actions. Negative attention brought to the club by any member will not be tolerated because it reflects on the rest of the club members.



~The Coaches and Leaders of Apollos 

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