A New Year

Hannah's ready (or at least excited)! What about you?

Hi guys! I hope you’ve had a restful, adventuresome, inspiring summer. :) Now, things are about to kick off! As we begin a new year, there’s just a few things I wanted to bring your attention to.

1. Apollos fall schedule

Apollos begins on September 5, after a mandatory parent meeting on August 29 at the Ruiz home. Throughout the month of September, we’ll have debate from 1-3 and speech from 3-5 every week. Starting the first week of October and continuing through the fall semester, we’ll begin to do things a little differently in order to concentrate learning and make the best use of our time. The first, third, and fifth weeks of the month, we’ll stick with the original schedule: debate from 1-3, and speech from 3-5. The second and fourth weeks of the month, we’ll extend debate an hour (1-4) to make room for practice rounds, and instead of speech, extemporaneous will be from 4-5:30.

In short, starting in October:

1st, 3rd, 5th: Debate 1-3, and Speech 3-5.

2nd, 4th: Debate 1-4, and Extemp 4-5:30.

The last date of the fall semester is December 12.

2. Leadership opportunities

We’re beginning to fill in our leadership positions for this next year, both for parents and for students.

Regarding student leadership, I’ve already communicated with a few of you, but if you’re interested in serving our club in a specific area and haven’t already talked with me about it, please let me know.

Regarding parent leadership, keep an eye out for an email from me asking you to serve! As you weigh your answer, please keep in mind that our club is run by people who say yes, not by people who are the most qualified. ;) God can use you whether you feel capable or not! A lot of leadership roles have been filled already, but some roles still waiting to be filled are our Prayer Leader, TP Assistants, Extemp Coach, Judge Recruiter, and Directors of Juniors during Speech and Debate. If you have questions or hear a certain position calling your name, please let me know.

3. Event dates

We’re beginning to nail down dates for our fall events! Traditionally our club has held an Apologetics Day in the fall, and then a December practice speech tournament. These are hosted by our club, but are open to people all over the region. More details about these will be coming soon, but our club’s Apologetics Day will be held in October in the area, and our Practice Speech Tournament will be held on December 7 at North Garland Baptist Fellowship.

4. NCFCA affiliation

It’s time to affiliate for NCFCA for the year! When you affiliate with the league, you’ll be able to sign up for tournaments and access NCFCA’s resource library - meaning if you’re planning on competing this year, affiliate! If you affiliate before August 15, you'll be able to take advantage of the Pre-season price, which is only $100 a family. The Early Bird price ($125 a family) runs from August 15-September 30, and Regular season affiliation ($150 a family) is after October 1. Affiliate here.

5. Potential Regionals locations

Our region (Region 11!!) is on the lookout for a location for Regionals, hopefully in the Metroplex. We’ll need a facility with about 25 rooms sometime during the last week of April or the first month of May. If you have an idea for a location in mind, please contact Cyndi Wilson, our Region 11 Director.

6. NCFCA Online Summit

Okay phew, only one more thing! NCFCA is hosting a free Online Summit next week, August 12-16. This summit will consist of twenty informative and actionable seminars held over all five days, and sessions are designed to cater to coaches, parents, and students needs. If you sign up and you aren’t able to attend a certain seminar live, replay links will also be sent out so you don’t miss out. Please, please, PLEASE take advantage of this free resource! There’s really no reason not to. Find out more information and register here.

Alright! If you read all the way to the end, I’m proud of you. Thanks. Again, if you have any questions, please reach out to me at apollosdfw@gmail.com. Looking forward to an awesome year!

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