A note from me + Important P.S.

There's no club I'd rather direct. I love y'all!

Dear Apollos,

You've heard the news. Co-op classes, concerts, parties, and the rest of the NCFCA season have been cancelled. Now about two weeks into the pandemic, the shock and denial has started to wear off, hasn't it? Quarantine isn’t quite as fun anymore. There’s only so many books to read, cookies to bake, and Instagram challenges to undertake before restless thoughts begin to settle in.

Every one of you probably has a somewhat mixed response to this upheaval of life, composed of relief, anger, sadness, regret, gratitude, disappointment. Where do we even find the purpose in this?

In Isaiah 46, God reiterates that His purpose will stand. End of story. Nothing shakes it. His purpose carries on. A World War? God is working through it. A death in the family? His purpose prevails. COVID-19? You guessed it – His purpose still stands.

I say this, and yet I know most of us were anticipating His plan included future laughter, future victory, and future joy at the remaining tournaments this season. For a few of you, this was your last year. The ending of something so all-consuming involves a lot of anticipation, and yet your anticipation was ended abruptly.

Where do we find the purpose in this? Why did we pour so much work, time, and energy into this year for it to end this way?

To be completely honest, I can’t pretend to know. However, I know that I saw glimpses of our purpose in the little things. In the cheers, in the laughs, in the hugs, in the conversations. I saw you guys wanting to do well, sometimes not even for yourselves, but for your partners and for your club. We are a team. Our club is a family, and I’m not throwing that term around like colleges do in their recruitment emails – I mean it. We are kind, we are inclusive, we are loving. We work hard, and we have fun. I saw a renewal of our club spirit. We are proud of who we are.

So, where do we find the purpose in this? I think this can best be answered individually, and so as you have time to dwell on this question over the next who knows how long, I encourage you to begin to find your answer.

This will someday become a distant memory. But until then, rest in this – that God’s purpose still stands.

Your director,


P.S. In the meantime, we won't be having club. We also won't be hosting the open house, at least this spring (if you have alternate ideas, let me know!). Over the next few days, I'll be meeting with Regional and National leadership regarding some ideas for the rest of this season. But... once this quarantine ends, you better believe we’ll have one amazing End of Year party.

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