Apollos at Regionals

This year was awesome! It cracks us up.

Random facts from our president...(She's the one on the right above.)

Apollos people competed in outrounds in every single event at Regionals, and in finals in seven events... and we had a 6-0 team (Bruckhofer)

Regionals Results

Team Policy:

Bruck/Kirchhofer- 5th

Malone/Malone- 9th

Koch/Ruiz- 17th

Keep it rolling, guys!

Team Policy Speaker:

Lydia Malone- 1st

Gideon Malone- 4th

Grace Kirchhofer- 6th

Hannah Bruck- 15th


Graca Webster- 8th

Eden Mackie- 14th

Lincoln-Douglas Speaker:

Eden Mackie- 5th


Ethan Tong- 1st

Lydia Malone- 14th

Marco Ruiz- 17th

Biblical Thematic:

Eden Mackie- 5th

Duo Interpretation:

Hambrick/Hambrick- 5th

Koch/Ruiz- 9th


Gideon Malone- 1st

Eden Mackie- 4th

Lydia Malone- 6th

Illustrated Oratory:

Isabella Gonzales- 3rd


Gideon Malone- 1st

Eden Mackie- 6th

Ethan Tong- 9th

Speak on!


Marco Ruiz- 4th

Ethan Tong- 6th

Lexi Tong- 12th

Grace Kirchhofer- 19th

Open Interpretation:

Marco Ruiz- 15th

Oratorical Interpretation:

Sophia Koch- 9th


Lydia Malone- 15th

Ethan Tong- 16th

Have you heard how cool Apollos kids are?

Speech Sweepstakes:

Ethan Tong- 8th

Eden Mackie- 10th

Gideon Malone- 14th

Ironman (qualified to Regionals in five speeches and debate):

Eden Mackie

Marco Ruiz

This is a teeny memory.

The End of Year Party is COMING UP on May 16 in the afternoon. Save the Date!

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