Apollos Full Club Meeting

"Wait. How do we have club meeting again?" It's easy! Just show up!

It is a great day on Thursday because the full club is together again!

Make sure you sign up to Mrs. Koch's Sign Up Genius - she wrote you an email. Take up to two slots at first so that everyone can get help!

TP is running rounds on Thursday, so remember the following postings:

Woods v Bruckhofer - Man

Bones v Aryani2 - Cave

Ivmer v Kochuiz - Treasures

Tongelsang v Katel - Comfortable Room

DBU March Mixer is next week, so no club on March 14th. Get the tournament ap and check in through it at 4pm on March 12th. (Don't forget!) If you have scripts, their check-in will be at 7am on March 13th.

Here's how to get the tournament ap:

Go to “tournamentapp.ncfca.org” into your address bar. 

Click “Create An Account” at the bottom of the page and enter the information requested. This account is different than your regular NCFCA account.  

The first email address should be the address for the person signing in.

The password can be any password – doesn’t have to be your NCFCA login password, but it can. 

Cell number – enter the one you’ll use at the tournament

Parent or Student – select one

The last email address requested must be the email address associated with your NCFCA affiliation. (i.e. It should be the address you log into NCFCA.org with.)

Once you submit, if there are no issues with the submitted information, it will ask you to sign in with the credentials you just created.  

Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting Tips


You must use the “Create Account” at the bottom of the page BEFORE you can use the regular login at the top of the page. 


Email addresses in the app are sensitive to capitalization. Be sure that the way your email address is written in your NCFCA account is the way you are entering it into the app. 


Turn off your pop-up blocker in your phone settings. 

If you still have trouble, email TournamentApp@NCFCA.org and describe your problem in detail. Send screenshots if you are getting an error message, if possible. These emails will be answered on a regular basis. 

March 21 is debate/extemp only. This was a sad, lonely little sentence, wasn't it?

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