Our first Apollos v. Apollos finals round EVER.

Let me start off by saying... I am SO proud of y'all! Apollos had eleven families attending Longview, and it was a very STRONG start to the season. So strong, in fact, that I couldn't judge any out rounds because y'all were in them!

Team Policy:

1st: Marchand/Ruiz

2nd: Bruck/Patel

6th: Greene/Oby

8th: Koch/Patel

Team Policy Speaker:

1st: Marco Ruiz

11th: Hannah Bruck

12th: Rachel Marchand


8th: Paul Wuller


4th: Marco Ruiz

Digital Presentation:

4th: Hannah Bruck


8th: Evan Patel


2nd: Marco Ruiz

6th: Rachel Marchand


13th: Marco Ruiz


2nd: Evan Patel

"This life is not righteousness, but growth in righteousness. It is not healthy, but healing; not being, but becoming; not rest, but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing toward it. This is not the end, but it is the road." - Martin Luther

I'm so excited to journey on this road with you guys throughout the upcoming season! Yes, this was a strong start- but it's just the beginning. We have even more ahead of us!

This Thursday's Schedule:

Debate's 1-4, and extemp's 4-5:30.

Club Chatter:

"It's because of these three reasons, which if you take the three first words, it forms the sentence Not Worth It, that I'd ask for a negative ballot." - Our very own Evan Patel

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