Apologetics Day was GREAT!

Joe Paris

Thank you to Mrs. Ruiz for putting together a wonderful Apologetics Day for us all.  Wasn't that great information?  You need to know that there is truth, there is a God, He revealed Himself in the Bible, and it is reliable!  Did I get that right?

It is good to be reminded that nearly everyone experiences doubt, but God has made Himself clear.  When we are faithless, He is faithful!  Can you believe what the discrepancies between the manuscripts were: "a" versus "an", and "Christ Jesus" versus "Jesus Christ" account for like 95%!

If you are reading this, pray that all of the students and adults in Apollos and all of our guests would have strong faith in the Lord in his strength all of their lives, and that we'd be able to lead others to His Truth as well. 

Practice Speech Tournament is December 15th all day.  Mark your calendars and talk to our Tournament Director, Chelan Beall, to let her know where you'd like to serve.  This is a huge undertaking, but so so beneficial for all of our students!

Speech homework due this week - one ticket for each!

Platform - Module A - Selecting Your Topic

1) List 3 topics that interest you.

2) Brain Dump Worksheet(pg 97)

3) Mind Map Worksheet (pg 99)

4) Fill in the Gaps Worksheet (pg 101)

Remember to ask these questions when making your topic selection:

1) Do you LOVE this topic?

2) Does this topic provide value for your audience?

3) Will this topic require and generate growth?

Apologetics - Module A - Understanding How We Are Shaped by Our Worldviews

1) Choose 2 worldviews to examine.

2) Worldview Comparison Chart (pg 201)

3)Statement Analysis Worksheet (pg 203) - identify statements that are consistent with your chosen worldviews.

Juniors are sharing an expository speech this week.  They need to bring one item that represents them (like a soccer ball, book, paints) and be prepared to share 2-3 reasons why they chose the item.  They also need to bring a storybook they would like to use for an Interpretation Speech.  Thank you, Pam

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