Big Sandy = Big Congrats!

"There are two touchstones we need to establish..."

Congrats at Big Sandy!

Once again, our club knocked it out of the park at our National Mixer! Grace and Marco tried out Moot Court for the first time and WON, and now have qualified to compete at Nationals! Almost half of Moot Court competition at the Mixer was from our club, which was pretty cool. In addition, Marchiz and Bratel (guys, I have no clue what y'all's names are) both made it to semis in TP, which was the closest we've gotten to an all-Apollos finals in forever... or like three weeks. ;)

Schedule tomorrow...

On a more practical note, tomorrow debate meets 1-3, and our optional speech coaching is 3-5. Come on out, get negative in TP (maybe we'll get negative in LD too- who knows), and coach and be coached for speech! See you tomorrow!

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