Can You Volunteer, Apollos?

Oh my..are they going to go? Will they sign up?

It is not too late. We need a few speakers to jump in to our outreach. It is a meaningful way to use our skills and it is happening tomorrow.

I am now humbly begging someone to join the Palmer kids at our speech outreach opportunity tomorrow. I would hate to only have one family represent our fantastic club! I can help with rides as needed. Any type of speech can be presented.

Please join the Palmer kids at Monticello Senior Living Community (5114 McKinney Avenue · Dallas, TX 75205) to share your talents and hard work by presenting a speech for the residents to enjoy. Their activity director is a former NCFCA parent and has gotten the residents excited about hearing your amazing speeches!

We have time for 5 speeches on Tuesday April 9 from 2:00-3:00. I can help with rides for up to 3 kids if needed as long as I know in advance. 

Let me know if you are available and what type of speech you would like to present. This will truly be a blessing to the residents! 

Mrs. Palmer <>

Big Sandy turned out to be a great place! Ask these guys. They know!

It was an incredible tournament for Apollos! Here are some competition results.

Team Policy:

Koch/Ruiz- 2nd

Aryani/Aryani- 11th

Lincoln Douglas:

Eden Mackie- 2nd

Perseus Aryani- 8th

Lincoln Douglas Speaker:

Eden Mackie- 3rd


Eden Mackie- 1st

Melissa Epstein- 8th

Marco Ruiz- 9th

Gideon Malone- 10th

Biblical Thematic:

Eden Mackie- 2nd

Melissa Epstein- 4th

Duo Interpretation:

Hambrick/Hambrick- 1st

Koch/Ruiz- 4th

Malone/Malone- 5th


Gideon Malone- 2nd

Eden Mackie- 3rd


Marco Ruiz- 3rd

Gideon Malone- 11th


Corban Hambrick- 2nd

Josephine Malone- 5th

Marco Ruiz- 10th

Open Interpretation:

Marco Ruiz- 1st

Will Vogelsang- 4th

Melissa Epstein- 12th

Oratorical Interpretation:

Sophia Koch- 4th


Gideon Malone- 6th

Eden Mackie- 9th

Melissa Epstein- 13th

Speech Sweepstakes:

Marco Ruiz- 3rd

Gideon Malone- 5th

Eden Mackie- 6th

Be there this Thursday!

***Whole Club Meeting is this Thursday, April 11th. Even if you haven't been able to compete, we'd love to see you there! Mrs. Koch will send out the coaching sign up tomorrow.

***Open House will be April 25. This is an event for the whole club and includes everyone we'd like to invite! Are there nice people you think would enjoy Apollos? Bring them! We are inviting the staff of North Garland Baptist Fellowship, so be ready to be thankful and write to them. Everyone will bring snacks to share.

***Regionals is May 1-4 in Austin. Monday, April 8th is the last day to sign up. Write to the if you have trouble.

***End of Year Party for all of club will be May 16th, 1-4, other details TBD.

See these LD'ers? They just don't know how to get NEGATIVE!

For TP debaters who have bad attitudes, we will be having a Negative Party on Friday, April 12th, 4-6:30 at Malones' house. We need to identify the strongest cases and exactly how to beat them.

Mrs. Manning is looking for up to 3 people who’d like to be in a house (AirBnB style) with three other families - ONE MILE from Concordia University in Austin.

Cost is $336.25 per family, and the total is already paid.

Tell if you are interested.

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