ADD Tristan Mackie to the list of Siblings! Celebrating the Love of God!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The culture is celebrating love, so let's take this opportunity to celebrate the one who first loved us at our Whole Club Meeting! This is one of only four meetings this spring that everyone will be at, so make sure you get there!

These siblings deserve a party!!!!

With debate falling on Valentine's Day we would love to have a party for siblings during debate time and celebrate our friendships with each other and Gods great love for us!  We will be decorating sacks to collect valentines in, pass out valentine cards, play games, and have snacks.   If each child would prepare a valentine for every name on the list that would be fabulous!    You can be creative and make your own or purchase your cards.  If you would be willing to bring a snack, please text Lora Vogelsang at 972-974-5056 with what you will be bringing.   Plan on around 25 kids.   If your child's name isn't listed, please text Lora with that information as well ASAP!

TRISTAN MACKIE!!!!! (We missed him last time).

Jacob Kirchhofer

Ethan Vogelsang

Adelie Vogelsang

Henry Tong

Luther Tong

Beckett Tong

Emerald Malone

Josephine Malone

Victoria Malone

Gracia Gonzalez

Gianna Palmer

Everett Patel

Ella Koch

Sophia Gonzalez

Andrew Koch

Shawn Koch

Rose Aryani

Coleman Oby

Grayson Oby

Najla Oby

Ezra Oby

Noel Raj

Jayden Ruiz

Lucas Ruiz

Debate Deserves Fun Too.

Debate: LD

Prayer/devo: Mackenzie

Question of the week: Is inaction always morally wrong? What, if any, are the exceptions? Is there a moral distinction between doing and allowing evil? 

TP: You are doing a drill and playing Tulsa Tough. (It's a game.) Bring your entire box and a willingness to bring it down.

Whole Club!!! Everyone will be there!


You are heading to Tulsa next week, if you are attending that tournament, so this is one of your last chances to get coached! Sign up here. Every mom is scheduled, so if you absolutely can't be there, let Ana Koch know asap!

And here is your worldview question:

Who provides for basic needs? Who is directly assigned by God to provide, who is second team, and who is the back up for them? When should these second and third teams step in?

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