Club Debrief 9/19/19

Who tried to find themselves first?? Don't worry, y'all look great.

As a brief reminder of what we went over during announcements today...

Schedule Changes:

September 28: Cancelled Apologetics Day

October 10: Fall Break (No TP or Extemp)

Responsibilities for the Facilities:

^^'Twas a rhyme.

Sparknotes version: we're responsible for leaving the building just as good as, if not better than, we found it. Most of us are responsible for cleaning a room before we leave, all of us are responsible for cleaning up our own individual trash, and we can't let anyone into the building who's not a part of Apollos (if asked when outside, direct them to the front of the building where church staff may let them in).

Club Chatter:

Now introducing... our weekly quote from club. ;)

"It's okay, I'm a speaker, not a speller." - Anonymous, 2019

Homework for Next Week:

Next Thursday, the 26th, we'll be learning about Impromptu and Platforms. Homework assigned last week is due this next week.


1. Craft a thesis statement with the Thesis Statement Worksheet.

2. Prepare a 90-second story that illustrates the topic "courage".

3. Start practicing using the topics on the Impromptu Topics Handout. Circle the topic you practiced, have your mom sign it, and get one ticket.


1. Make a list of three topics that interest you.

2. Record at least two minutes of information on each topic using the Brain Dump Worksheet. Listen to each recording and take notes on the worksheet. Select your favorite topic.

3. Organize your notes into a mind map using the Mind Map Worksheet.

4. Review your mind map for missing links and make a list of these gaps using the Fill in the Gaps Worksheet.

Remember to review the following three questions when making your topic selection:

Are you passionate about this topic?

Does this topic impact your audience?

Will this topic help me grow?

Curious about where to find these worksheets? All of the above is found in Module A of each respective event.

Each worksheet is worth one ticket, each practice Impromptu speech is worth a ticket (but don't abuse this boundless opportunity for tickets - make each practice speech a good practice speech), and the 90-second story is worth a ticket and is necessary for the Impromptu lecture you'll all be attending next week. :)

The Interp and Apologetics assignments given out today will be due the following week (two weeks from now).

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