Club Debrief 9/26/19

This Week's Homework:

This Thursday, we'll be learning how to cut our Interp pieces and how to prepare cards for Apologetics. To prepare, complete this week's homework, which is located in Module B of the curriculum.


1. Complete the Series of Questions Worksheet.

2. Complete the Storyline Scene Selection Worksheet.


1. Select a book, podcast, or author (such as Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis, The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel, or Know Why You Believe, by Paul Little) from the Recommended Resources page within your curriculum to begin learning from.

2. Begin researching a broad Apol topic (such as atonement, Biblical canon, or sovereignty of God) and create a mind map similar to Figure B1.4 in the curriculum.

As a recap of what'll be due the following week (October 17 because of Fall Break), be working on the first drafts of your platform speeches, utilizing the worksheets in Module B, and begin an Impromptu notebook or collection of stories and practice presenting a few Impromptu speeches at home, using the Impromptu Topics Handout you used a week or two ago.

Pray for Mrs. Bruck...

As some of y'all found out on Thursday, Mrs. Bruck had an emergency appendectomy last Sunday. She's recovering well, but of course has had to take things just a bit slower as she heals. Along with praying for a speedy recovery, please be patient with TP things as she gets back into the swing of things over the next few weeks. :)

Reminder: FALL BREAK is October 5!

Apollos will be taking a Fall Break on October 10, meaning we won't have speech or debate. Regularly scheduled programming will start up again on October 17, and Extemp will begin October 24.

Speaking of Extemp, if you're planning on competing in Extemp, send an email to ASAP so we can get an accurate headcount. More information regarding Extemp will be forthcoming!

Club Chatter...

"If you have an all-male panel, should you tell a story about the struggles of curling your hair... and begin it with, "Ladies, you know the feeling-"" - Our very own Hannah Bruck on the significance of telling relevant stories, 2019

Registration for Practice Debate Tournament is OPEN!

Registration for the Round Robin that Veritas Excelsior is hosting on November 9 is now open! We haven't decided partnerships as a club yet, but if you're competing in LD or partnering with a sibling, feel free to sign up now here. The practice debate tournament is a great way to get a lot of practice fast. Our goal is 100% participation from our debate students!

If you use PayPal to make the payment, please select "Friends and Family" so their club doesn't have to pay an extra fee.

NCFCA Thursday Night Webinar:

As part of an ongoing Education initiative, NCFCA will be hosting weekly webinars on Thursday nights at 6:30 CT. The first webinar is October 5, and its focus will be on NCFCA First Steps.

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