Debate and Extemp THIS Thursday, Round Robin Results

Jayden and Tristan learned a lot!

Congrats on the Round Robin!

For some of our debaters, this was their first tournament, which is an accomplishment all it's own. Great job! Some of our TP teams also had winning records, going 3-1... Brutel (Bruck/Patel), Byene (Greene/Oby), and Marchiz (Marchand/Ruiz). Congrats! Apollos had a strong start to the season. :)

Debate and Extemp this Thursday

This Thursday, the 14th, we have our longer debate day, from 1 to 4, and then extemp from 4-5:30.

Practice Tournament Registration

Registration for the practice speech tournament we're hosting on December 7 is open! It closes in ten days, on November 22. All registration information is here, and if you have further questions, contact Ana Koch at

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