End of October for Apollos

DEBATE makes everyone happy.

Team Policy Debate

Everything TP is on the Google Doc, except Evidence Ring Assignment. Write to Hannah halobr841@gmail.com or Sophia wisophia4@gmail.com to get that. (The Bible Study form is here if you need to print it out.)

Parents of debate kids, the childcare-during-debate schedule is right here! Please take a few turns helping out with the younger siblings and read the document for details.

Get negative with Malones on (almost all) Fridays at 4pm! Bring your bad attitude and snacks and we'll have a rotten time complaining about cases together. Ugh.

Lincoln Douglas Debate

LD is working hard and has cases they can actually debate! Do whatever your Coach Jeremy says, and do it well.

Veritas Round Robin is coming up!

Early bird registration for the Veritas Excelsior Round Robin (this is debate only) on November 17th closes 10/31. Registration fee increases after Wednesday! See the Google Doc for all info.



Prize drawing this week - donations needed!

Please bring a donation for the prize drawings throughout November!  The more prizes we have, the more drawings we will have.  So, please bring anything you can however big or small.  Gift cards, candy, books, or anything your student would like to receive as a prize.

Another Awesome Guest Teacher and Coach!  

Teaching our last platform module this week will be Addi Newman - 2014 NCFCA National Champion - and older sister to Luke, Andrew and Corban.  We are so excited to hear from Addi as she shares her wisdom on the topic of physical and vocal delivery!  

Homework due this week:

Identity Assumptions worksheet - pg. 126 

Compelling Communicator Checklist - pg. 128

Bring any homework from previous weeks that you have not yet received tickets for.

Experienced Students:

Work on final drafts and memorization.

Bring any outlines, rough drafts, final drafts that you have not yet received tickets for.

Thanks to Mr. Ruiz for being amazing and giving us his time!

The Speech Coaching system is amazing! Thanks to Mrs. Koch for inventing and setting it all up for us! This from her:

Hi All!  Please read through the following notes and announcements from last week on speech coaching and see the following Sign-Up Genius link:

-All parents are expected to coach each week in a pre-assigned room. If you know you will be absent in advance please e-mail me at seananak@gmail.com. If you are last minute sick/absent please text me at 469-450-1348 and I can adjust the schedule. We will be rotating everyone weekly, but please be prepared to be flexible!

-Before Thanksgiving, we will be running four 15-minute slots. Please keep your room running on time to be fair to everyone. Students should enter the room they are signed up for even if coaching is going on. Please wrap up very quickly and move on, we will have more generous time later in the season.

-Last week we did not use rooms 8 and 10 on the other side of the building, but this week we should be able to.

-Students! Please sign up for a maximum of 2 speeches, if there are any open spots you can add more on Thursday. Feel free to sit quietly in any of the rooms to experience more!

-Extemp: The 3:30 slot is reserved for the extemp.

Sign up here!


Ana Koch

JUNIORS wonder where their scripts are!

Junior parents! Please type your child’s script for his/her Interp. Also, begin writing an Informative Speech. (This is a Platform Speech.) I recommend that it be on a topic you are already studying for school and your child finds interesting.  We would like to begin having coaching time for Juniors, but they need to have a speech that they are memorizing. Thank you! Your kids are awesome!

Worldview Question of the Week

We asked, "What authorities did God set up? What are their responsibilities? What are their limits?" What did you come up with?

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