Fall Break Homework

Thursday, October 18, is our Fall Break! So stay home and snuggle up with your lap top!

Last call for those interested in studying Economics in a Box. This independent group will meeting at the Malones' house on Friday afternoons from 2:30 -4:00 and will be changing our outlook on how the world works!

Go to Economics in a Box and look around. You can buy the Oikonomia Student Complete for $84.95 on your own, or order it as a group and you can save a little bit of shipping. Either way, let me know today that you'd like to join.

We'll start on Friday, October 19th.

Uhg... Concern...Bad news. Only 2 TP debaters sent in their partnership questionaires, so our group just shrunk from like 18 to 2. It is really too bad, as so many of you seemed so sharp and ready to learn...


What a great week for homework! Newbies, you should know what you are doing and hopefully have the homework written down. Experienced kids, do more than you did last week - how about that? (Hasn't it been great to get to toss around ideas and get some things done together?)

Juniors, bring your typed interpretation script next time.

Also, brainstorm ideas for a platform speech. What/who are you learning about in school? HIstory? Science? Bible?

Worldview question for this week: Authority. What is it? What did God set up and for what purposes? Are there limits to the jurisdiction or amount of authority? Think, pray, talk!

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