Fall Break, Spring Forward!

I'm sure we're all just as excited as Hannah is to see each other again... ;)

Hi guys! I hope each one of you had a restful fall break, but it’s time to kick things back into high gear again. :)

Calling all extempers...

If you’re planning on being part of our extemp club this year (even if you registered for it already), please send an email to Mrs. Bruck and Mrs. Woods. They’ll be co-leading extemp, and need to know so they can adequately plan. If you’re still toying with the idea of competing in extemp, I’d encourage you to try it out. It’s not as intimidating as it first appears! Because it involves frequent research of current events, our club requires extemp students to be at least 14 and to have competed in speech and/or debate for at least a year. The first date of Extemp is October 24… next Thursday! Instead of having speech that day, debate will be extended an hour, meeting from 1-4, and extemp will be from 4-5:30.

Our first Apol Night!

Our first Apol Night will be the first Thursday night of November, the 7th, at the Mackie home. We’ll head over after speech, so we’ll probably start around 5:45ish, and go till about 7. This’ll be a night for us to join together in fellowship to discuss some of the basic topics that are integral to our lives as Christians, guided by the Apologetics questions and statements you’ll be talking about this whole year.

NCFCA Fall Webinars

As part of its education initiative, NCFCA is hosting a Fall Webinar Series. 1st Thursdays are geared towards interested or new families in NCFCA (Getting Started), 2nd Thursdays are focused on growth in communication skills (Building Skills), 3rd Thursdays are aimed at digging deeper into specific topics (Teaching Topics), and 4th Thursdays are dedicated to dialogue with NCFCA leaders (Making Connections). Don’t miss the NCFCA webinar this Thursday night! This Thursday from 6:30-7:30 CT Mr. Nick Loris, an economist with the Heritage Foundation, will present on Energy Policy.

Round Robin Registration

Regular registration at $25 a student for the practice debate tournament hosted by Veritas Excelsior on November 9 ends October 20. Now that TP partnerships have been announced, please register ASAP! We’re aiming for 100% participation from all our debaters, both LDers and TPers.

10/17 Speech Homework

This week we’ll be learning about Platforms and Impromptu.

Platform Homework:

1. Thesis Statement Worksheet

2. Format Worksheet

3. Write first draft of your speech

4. Review first draft with Rough Draft Checklist


1. Begin an Impromptu notebook

2. Practice a speech at home using the Impromptu Topics Handout

See you guys tomorrow!

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