First Tournament Done! (long post here, so read it all!)

What a great and useful tournament Brenham was, eh?  For those of you who went, didn't you learn a ton?  God really uses these things so bring your "lesson from God" to club to share.  For those of you who didn't get to go, you have a lot in front of you!  Apollos results:

Team Policy: Bruck/Kirchhofer- 9th Malone/Malone- 11th Koch/Ruiz- Double-Octafinalist Koch/Patel- Double-Octafinalist

Team Policy Speaker: Lydia Malone- 13th Marco Ruiz- 17th

Lincoln Douglas: Rachel Marchand- 5th Eden Mackie- 6th Perseus Aryani- Qualified to Regionals

Lincoln Douglas Speaker: Eden Mackie- 4th Ethan Tong- 6th

Apologetics: Lydia Malone- 15th Mackenzie Palmer- 16th Ethan Tong- 18th

Biblical Thematic: Mackenzie Palmer- 8th

Duo Interpretation: Koch/Ruiz- 2nd Hambrick/Hambrick- 10th Palmer/Palmer- 11th

Extemporaneous: Gideon Malone- 5th Lydia Malone- 6th Eden Mackie- 12th

Impromptu: Ethan Tong- 1st Eden Mackie- 11th Hannah Bruck- 19th Lydia Malone- 21st Jackson Palmer- 24th Grace Kirchhofer- 29th

Informative: Ethan Tong- 1st Lexi Tong- 10th Marco Ruiz- 11th Grace Kirchhofer- 14th Mackenzie Palmer- 21st

Open Interpretation: Marco Ruiz- 6th

Oratorical Interpretation: Sophia Koch- 3rd Will Vogelsang- 5th

Persuasive: Grace Kirchhofer- 5th Eliana Patel- 8th

Speech Sweepstakes: Ethan Tong- 7th Marco Ruiz- 9th Mackenzie Palmer- 19th

Dont' forget to pray for your prayer assignment! We have had the sweetest reminders, haven't we? If you have a request for the whole group, please email

There are two used, rolling debate boxes for sale for $20 each!  Let me know if you'd like them.

Last week we were at Malones' for debate, but the church is open again! See you there!

John Caldwell of the Plano Rotary Club will be joining us this week to share with us about the Plano Rotary speech contest on Saturday, March 30th.  This is a great way to share your speech that you've already prepared with more people and win money!  Our very own Caleb Cummings, who graduated last year, won this speech contest and went on to win the State contest as well!! 

JAN 24 is ALL CLUB! Don't miss it.

Thursday, Jan 24, is our ALL CLUB DAY! Make sure you come, and that you come on time! (That TP coach is really mean about that!)

Please sign up for coaching this week. If you have a speech, get on here and we'll help you with it! Thursday, Jan 24, is our ALL CLUB DAY! Make sure you come, and that you come on time! (That TP coach is really mean about that!)

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