GREAT Job, Apollos!

Another tournament down and we are learning a lot! Apollos is seriously performing as well!

DBU Results:

Moot Court:

Bruck/Mackie- 1st and qualified to Nationals

Rorem/Tong- 3rd

Oral Advocate:

Ethan Tong- 2nd

Hannah Bruck- 3rd

Team Policy:

Chenault/Patel- 12th

Koch/Ruiz- 18th

Bruck/Kirchhofer- 20th

Team Policy Speaker:

Hannah Bruck- 11th

Evan Patel- 20th

Lincoln Douglas:

Rachel Marchand- 1st and qualified to Nationals

Graca Webster- 10th

Eden Mackie- 12th

Lincoln Douglas Speaker:

Eden Mackie- 5th


Grace Kirchhofer- 18th

Eden Mackie- 23rd

Ethan Tong- 29th

Marco Ruiz- 30th

Biblical Thematic:

Eden Mackie- 4th


Eden Mackie- 14th

Illustrated Oratory:

Isabella Gonzales- 2nd


Grace Kirchhofer- 5th

Eden Mackie- 6th

Evan Patel- 14th

Marco Ruiz- 17th


Graca Webster- 8th

Alexandra Tong- 14th

Noa Woods- 22nd

Open Interpretation:

Marco Ruiz- 5th

Will Vogelsang- 15th


Eden Mackie- 9th

Ethan Tong- 11th

Grace Kirchhofer- 18th

Speech Sweepstakes:

Eden Mackie- 7th

Marco Ruiz- 17th

Grace Kirchhofer- 18th

(Baton Rouge was a mixer and may I say that Region Four is the best? We missed it.)

Baton Rouge Results:


Gideon Malone- 7th

Lydia Malone- 11th

Duo Interpretation:

Malone/Malone- 6th


Gideon Malone- 5th

Lydia Malone- 10th


Lydia Malone- 7th

Gideon Malone- 11th


Josephine Malone- 9th


Lydia Malone- 9th

Gideon Malone- 12th

Speech Sweepstakes:

Gideon Malone- 7th

These results are amazing, and very motivating. But we are actually proud of our Apollos kids regardless of judge opinions. You are all stepping out, being brave, and working hard. The skills that you are developing are so easy for God to use in nearly every situation!

And our judge recruiting job doesn't end yet! Let's get some people to come out (so that we don't have to stay up all night every night that week!) Send this out:

Community Volunteers Needed

Join us in providing valuable feedback for 12 to 18-year-old students who are developing their communication skills! Judges from all walks of life, with no experience required, are needed to listen to entertaining and inspiring presentations from the league’s speakers and debaters. To learn more about NCFCA’s mission, visit:

National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) Speech and Debate tournament

April 4-6, 2019 IBLP One Academy Blvd. Big Sandy, TX 75755

Three-hour commitment per round. Complimentary snacks and beverages provided

Sign up at

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT IBLP Questions? Contact: Lisa Hetrick Impact the next generation!

Rotary Club is allowing any of our students that live within the district (not just Plano) to enter the Plano contest! They are very welcoming and encouraging to homeschoolers, so let's represent!

"Students that live in Rotary District 5810

 can enter.   The district North to South is Sherman to Dallas; West to East is Coppell to Commerce. 

I’ll send you the info again.

We want lots of your students!!

John Caldwell


This conference looks amazingly helpful! Apollos has seen Frank Turek speak and he basically debates for God.

This week is debate and extemp only! See you then, debaters.

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