Great job at tourney + Christmas party this week!

I hope you're as happy about it as Evan is...

All-Apollos Christmas party this Thursday!

This Thursday, December 12, we'll be having our annual Christmas party! Debate will be from 1-3, and we'll have our party during our normal speech time, 3-5. Bring a snack or treat to share, and one $5-10 gift (something that could be used at a tournament!) per person for our gift exchange. Typically all competitors and juniors are part of our exchange, so have each person bring a gift so you can participate! We'll also be playing some fun Christmas games. :)

THANK YOU for helping with our practice tournament!

Whew! Our practice tournament was a lot of work, but we did it! Thank you so much for helping put it together and taking responsibility for all the little parts of it. That's our club's big event, and it isn't possible without you guys! On Thursday, there'll be a card to pass around and sign that we'll be giving to the church in appreciation. :)

Club Chatter:

"Literally if I could erase one thing in my life it would be my Taylor Swift fan account." - Anonymous, 2019.

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