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These guys are happy to do their homework. They can't get enough of this Club News stuff!

We have an awesome guest speaker teaching the last interpretation module this week!  

Cesar Ruiz, Marco's dad, is an awesome interp coach and we are so excited to have him teaching and coaching interp this week.  

After Cesar's teaching we will have our first coaching session from 4:00-5:00.  Ana Koch will be sending a sign-up genius to sign-up for coaching slots.  Limited slots are available, so sign-up as soon as possible!

Homework due this week- Interpretation

1) Cut your selected scenes using the "tools" explained in Module C.

2) Review the complete, official rules for your event.

If you are not planning to do an interp... continue working on whatever speeches you are planning to do.  Read through the lessons for those events and complete the homework for the events you are interested in.  All of the homework assignments are geared towards getting a speech written.

For Experienced Students-

1) Rough draft for Platform and/or Interp 

2) Continue working on Apol cards

3) Continue adding to your impromptu notebook

Please bring prize donations this week! 

We will begin drawing tickets for prizes in November.  Please bring prizes for the drawing.  This could be gift cards, or anything that the students would enjoy receiving as a prize.  It may be something you have at home that you don't need! 

Hello Speech parents and students! This week we begin speech coaching. Parents are all pre-assigned to a coaching room so please be ready to review, coach and learn how to coach! Students, please sign up for the slots you would like coaching in. We know it is the beginning of the year and you may only be in the earlier stages of your speeches. Bring what you have and get help, it's OK if you don't have them complete or memorized!! We are planning on 4 slots per hour per room, in 15-minute increments. You will notice that the 3rd slot for every room (4:30-4:45) will be for Extemporaneous. Extempers will begin in their regular room (room 6), will receive a draw and begin promptly at 4:30 pm. Parents, please keep your rooms on time. If there are empty slots, you can give extended feedback. It is hard to know at this beginning stage how many kids are ready for coaching so we will be ready to be somewhat flexible. After Thanksgiving we will have 2 hours for coaching so will adjust again. Students! Please feel free to stay in the coaching rooms. New students can learn a lot and more experienced students can help give feedback.

Thanks! Ana

Team Policy Partnerships and Homework

15 of the TP'ers have turned in their partnership forms. If you'd like a partner, you are 9 days late right now! Congrats to Sarah, Noa, and Lainee for being on the ball! They get a free treat at club for being the first to turn in their forms. Make sure you are doing your homework and your Evidence Ring homework!

Ignore the TP girl in the middle here. This is about LD!

LD'ers are supposed to have finished complete enough versions of their cases to run rounds with. Time to USE IT!

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