Homework is not just for Newbies anymore!

Speech homework due October 11 - one ticket for each!

Bring any homework from previous weeks to receive tickets.

Platform - write a rough draft using the Thesis Statement Worksheet (pg 113) 

and Format Worksheet (pg 115).  Review your rough draft using the 

Rough Draft Checklist (pg 117).

Apologetics -  Choose a book or podcast from the Recommended Resource list (pg 213)

to begin learning from. 

Select a broad apologetics topic and begin researching.  See assignments on pg 212 for

more detailed information.

IMPORTANT - If you have not yet watched speeches online, please do so now.  You can find them 

here:  https://www.ncfca.org/speech/platform-speeches/, and here:  www.ncfca.org/speech/interpretation-speeches/ and here:  


For Experienced Speech Students:  Platform - outline or rough draft

Interp - scene selections or rough script

Impromptu - continue adding info to impromptu notebook

Apologetics - work on cards Bring any or all of these to receive tickets!

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