Lotsa Important Info (Practice Speech Tourney, Apol Night...)

You might wanna write down the important information to follow... ;)

Speech Homework for 10/31:

Interp: Cut (choose) your selected scenes for your piece, and review the official rules for the event. Bring a rough draft of your interp to speech.

Platform: Fill out the Identify Assumptions Worksheet, record your speech using the Compelling Communicator Worksheet, and fill out the Build Your World Worksheet.

We'll start drawing for prizes next week (November 7), so this is one of your last chances to earn tickets! I've heard from our Speech Captain that the prizes are gonna be pretty enviable, so take that as you will.

Speech coaching starts this week (October 31)!

We've developed a plan to hopefully efficiently handle coaching, so bring something to be coached on (either a rough draft or your brain for limited prep) and your parent, and be prepared to sign up when you get here!


Our first club Apologetics night is next Thursday, November 7. Right after speech, head on over to the Mackie home and join us! We're planning on this event being for everyone, whether you're competing in Apologetics or not. It'll be a night of fellowship, thinking, learning, and discussing! Light finger foods will be provided, and we'll be together until 7. If you're registered with Apollos, you should receive an Evite later tonight with more information and the ability to RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Practice Tournament Registration is OPEN!

Registration for our club practice speech tournament on December 7 is now OPEN! I know, it's really happening. Here's the registration form, which is due by November 22. Our club is hosting this event, so our parents will fill most of the staff jobs, and parents of competitors from other clubs will do a lot of the judging. Ana Koch is taking the lead on directing our tournament, so be expecting communication from her as we nail down those staffing jobs (and email her at seananak@gmail.com if you already have a specific staffing job you're interested in). All practice speech tournament information is available on the registration form and under the Events tab of our website. If you have any further questions, please contact Ana Koch at seananak@gmail.com or 469-450-1348.

I have no Club Chatter this week, but I did want to say thank you to those who celebrated my birthday with me last week at debate and extemp. All of you guys made me feel special and loved, and I'm so grateful I got to spend my birthday with y'all!

Hey, do we have a directory?

I've had a few questions about whether we have a directory or not this year, and the answer is YES, we do! If you need it, just email me at apollosdfw@gmail.com and I'll share it with you. Because it has a lot of personal information in it, I'm not posting a link to it here because that information doesn't need to be accessible by just anyone who might come upon our website. :)

Team Up to Clean Up

This week, NCFCA is launching an initiative to make sure all of our dashboards are ready to register for tournaments by assigning daily tasks through to the end of the week. You should've received two emails by now - make sure you're completing the tasks, and if you haven't gotten the emails, please contact the NCFCA Office at office@ncfca.org.

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