It is NOVEMBER?????????? That's right before December, which is when things HAPPEN!

Team Policy

Evidence Ring is going well and newbies are working through their text. Make sure you finish this Monday's ER assignment and then get to work on your next one. All debate sheets, including the syllabus and evidence ring, are HERE.

These people are not actually judges, but they could be. Don't mess with Mackies and Brucks.

Speech Coaching

Thank you everyone for keeping your rooms moving this past week! We had all 20 time slots filled. Moms, you are already pre-assigned a room, please let me know if you are unable to make it to club so I can adjust.  Students, please sign up with a maximum of 2 slots. You are able to switch your sign up or delete it if necessary.

Thanks! Ana Koch

Seriously, people. This is the plan for speech.


This week at club we will have another awesome guest teacher and coach!

Annaleise Rosa, NCFCA National Impromptu Champion, will be teaching our last module on Apologetics - Organizing Your Box.  

If you'd like coaching from Annaleise, please sign-up for Apologetics coaching!

Parents, please continue to bring donations for prize drawings!

Gifts cards, food, books, games, anything your student would like to receive as a prize.  

We will continue drawing tickets throughout November.

Homework due this week:

Apologetics - prepare one Apologetics card and practice giving your speech.

Please sign up for coaching to give this speech and receive feedback.

Experienced Students - prepare and revise Apol cards as needed.  

Practice giving speeches and sign-up for coaching!

Why did Mrs. Malone forget the worldview question of the week? No one knows...

Worldview Question of the Week

Well, we talked about oppression and authority. But we need to report! What did you think and learn? Come prepared to briefly share.

Secret Prayer Pals

Are you praying for the name that you drew out? Remember how sweet it is to be able to talk to the Lord of the Universe without even an appointment! Lift up your Pal!

Registration for Tournaments

The new registration system for tournament is GREAT! You can literally go sign up for each tournament that you'll attend TODAY, and when each registration closes, the slots are filled randomly. (We should all get in what we'd like, but if you don't, you get priority the next tournament.) So you have two important jobs:

  1. Make 5 friends who will come judge. (You'll need to make 25 friends in order to get 5 there, and each family is responsible for that amount.)

  2. Sign up for our practice tournament and for the regular season ones too!

This is the registration screen you'll see (after you sign in at


Work on memorizing your Interp. Bring your script.

Begin writing an Informative Speech!

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