Post-Tulsa Congrats + Open House

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Guys!! Congratulations on another successful tourney! I heard it was a bit of a dreary tournament, but y'all did a great job powering through... even if it involved a few mid-extemp-prep naps. ;)

We were kinda on top of getting 2nd at Tulsa, which is perfectly fine- it's good to practice how to graciously "lose" (though honestly, 2nd isn't losing).

Mackenzie, congrats on 2nd in Biblical, Hannah, congrats on 2nd in Impromptu, Evan, congrats on 2nd in Persuasive, and Marco and Rachel, congrats on 2nd in Team Policy! I'm proud to be a part of this club!

And to everyone who got other placings or none at all, we're proud of you and glad you're a part of our club. We're all learning, and I'm grateful I get to learn and teach alongside you guys.

Club Chatter:

Guys, I wasn't even at the tournament, and I've still got quotes. As reported by Grace...

"Five minutes of snoozing time remaining for the 8th speaker." - Mrs. Woods, an absolute extemp prep icon, 2020.

Schedule this Thursday:

Debate: 1-4

Extemp: 4-5:30

Our Annual Open House

We'll be hosting our annual open house this spring! If you remember our last one, we did a pretty poor job of inviting people... sooo, start thinking of people you'd like to invite! People from church, from co-op, from choirs, from work, family friends, relatives... even if just to see what you've been so involved in this year and past years! The date is still to be decided, but start thinking so that when we have our date we can start inviting right off the bat. :)

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