R11 News, Script Submission Webinar, and more!

^^ One of the last official photos of Region 4...

News from our R11 Director, Cyndi Wilson...

The director of our region, Cyndi Wilson, asked that I'd share the following information with y'all. :)

1. Are you guys getting the affiliate emails from NCFCA? They contain important registration and payment deadlines so if you're not getting them, check your spam folder.

2. LeTourneau University is offering a fantastic scholarship opportunity for competitors: "LeTourneau University is pleased to offer each winner of the NCFCA Region XI qualifier a free, three-hour, dual-credit course—a $270 value.  Successful completion of this course, with a grade of C or better, will automatically qualify the student for a $16,000 per year scholarship as a full-time residential student at LeTourneau University."

3. The on-campus housing information for the Big Sandy Mixer isn't available quite yet, but will be very soon!

4. Within the most recent NCFCA affiliate newsletter was a link to the 2019 Annual Report and a link to a Google survey where parents can indicate the tournament staff position in which they might like to serve this next year. You can retake the survey at any time. Be sure to check those two links out if you haven't yet!

5. In addition, let me know which tournament staff positions you're interested in or you've done before, so that I can forward that information to Cyndi Wilson.

6. If you like or are good at gathering donations, let me know! This is a new staff position for our region, but other regions across the US have successfully received donations to offset the cost of Judge Hospitality.

7. Lisa Hetrick has gallantly volunteered to be the Judge Coordinator for both of the January tournaments (LeTourneau and Big Sandy). Let's rally our families around her and really work on finding judges. Both of these are difficult areas -- one being a brand new venue and both without a club in the area. Let's be the best  region at Judge recruitment this year in the league! Both of these tournaments have very tight schedules. The more Community Judges we have, the more enjoyable the tournament for all of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but we aren't meeting this Thursday due to Thanksgiving. :) Enjoy the week, whether it's more relaxed than usual or a bit more hectic. We'll be resuming our normal schedule the following week, December 5, with debate from 1-3 and speech from 3-5. This'll be our last chance for coaching before the practice speech tournament, so be prepared!

Merry Christmas!

Mark your calendars for our annual all-club Christmas Party during our regular speech time (3-5) on December 12! More information will be coming soon.


If you read your Affiliate Handbook this year, you may have noticed that we have electronic script submission this year. However, none of us have done it before! Find out how to submit your script electronically before the season starts by registering for the "Navigating Online Script Submission" webinar on December 12 at 8 CT.

Club Chatter

I've been realizing I need some non-Hannah quotes... so enjoy this quote from Mrs. Kirchhofer quoting Hannah. ;)

"'Jesus is swaggy...' you need to write that down." - Mrs. K after Hannah's devotion

Our Fall Lecture Series

You may have noticed Mr. Ruiz filming several of the lectures during speech this fall semester... And they're on YouTube! If you're curious about what went down some weeks, watch the lectures here.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

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