Some Region XI Reminders...

Send me your Tulsa pics, and they might show up in a future post...

I hope all of your last-minute prep for Tulsa is going well! Recently I attended a meeting with Cyndi Wilson and learned a few things to share with you, so please read what's below...


Remember to check-in and submit scripts for Tulsa (and DBU, in a few weeks) as early as possible! The deadline for Tulsa is tomorrow at noon, but it is best to get it done ASAP to avoid any issues. Don't wait 'til the last day! In addition, if you've checked in and realize you're not going to be able to attend the tournament, notify Cyndi Wilson ( or the tournament coordinator (for Tulsa, Kelly Holloman:

2. A Tulsa photographer is needed

Moms- if you'd like to serve as photographer at Tulsa, please send Cyndi Wilson an email at

3. Tournaments last from devotional to award ceremony

As far as I know, our club hasn't had an issue with this, but as a reminder, tournaments last from the devotional on the first morning to the end of the award ceremony on the last day. If something comes up and you have to leave before awards, email the NCFCA Director of Forensics to explain the circumstances and make sure you receive your awards.

4. If going to Regionals, keep April 29 open

The Regional leadership team is figuring out the logistics of Regionals, and there's a chance that competition may need to begin the Wednesday afternoon of Regionals. Please keep this in mind when planning for that tournament.

5. Ideas for debate finals judges?

If you have people from the community in mind to serve as finals judges for DBU and Regionals (same approximate location), please send their names to Dixie Rorem ( or Cyndi Wilson (

6. Remember to read through all NCFCA emails

If you have a question, it's probably been answered in an email! Dixie said that virtually 100% of the questions she was asked before Longview had already been answered in emails from the NCFCA leadership teams, so just remember to read through those emails.

7. Friendly dress code reminder :)

Oftentimes girls wear skirts that fit the dress code, but when walking or acting in interps, the skirt rides up. To avoid dress code violations, please make sure you're cognizant of that issue and are practicing your interp in your skirt to make sure you're still in dress code.

8. Don't forget disclaimer before sensitive speeches

A new rule this year is that you have to announce the disclaimer included in the General Speech Rules before your speech if you have potentially intense or sensitive material in your speech. Even if there are no kids in the room, the disclaimer is mandatory as a way of also preparing the judges for what's to come.

Alright, that's it! Have fun at Tulsa, compete hard, and make us proud! I look forward to hearing all about it. :)

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