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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Homework this week:  

Continue working on speeches -  practice delivery, work on memorization.

Work on Apologetics cards.

Practice Impromptu speeches.

Sign-up for coaching!

On December 6th, Mackenzie Palmer, our development coordinator, will talk with the new students about tournament preparation.  You don't want to miss hearing this valuable information!  New students will not sign-up for coaching during the first hour on that day.

Here's the link to our schedule for the rest of this year:

For speech coaching this week we will be doing things a little differently. The 3:20 slot is for Interp/Platform speeches only. The 3:40 slot is for Extemp. The slots in the 4:00 hour remain at 15 minutes and all rooms are open to any coaching needs. Please be ready to start and end promptly!  If anyone will be absent, please let me know so I can make adjustments.

Sign up here:


Ana Koch

text 469-450-1348

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