This week...Oct 4th

NO nuts.  As a club, we have always had at least on member with a life-threatening allergy to nuts.  Although this is terrible to have, we can watch out for our fellow members by not bringing any nuts or nut products to club.  Please feel free to bring your lunch or snacks to share, and clean up after yourself, but don't include any nuts.  Thank you all!

Juniors. Decide on a story for your interp. Read it everyday! Parents, please begin typing your Junior's story into a script. Scripts will be due in 2 weeks. This week we will play games and learn how to develop the characters in their Interp Speech. (Mrs. Ruiz is working really hard and loving it, so keep doing a great job!)

Speech Homework this week - one ticket for each!  See below for homework for experienced speech students!

You may also bring past homework assignments for tickets.

Interpretation - Module B - scene selection

1) Series of Questions worksheet (pg 53)

2) Storyline Scene selection worksheet (pg 55)

Impromptu - Module B - storytelling

1) Begin Impromptu Notebook - add at least 2 stories

2) Prepare 90 second story on "legacy"

3) Practice using Impromptu topics (pg 169)

Experience Speech students homework:

The curriculum we are using this year has a lot of great information in it, and may be helpful to you as you write your speeches.  Please read it at home if you are struggling with getting started on your speeches.  Look through the homework as well.  All of the assignments are to help you with writing a speech.   1) Interp - select you piece, and select the scenes you will use. 2) Impromptu - begin an impromptu notebook or bring yours if you already have one.   3) Platform - select and research your topic 4) Apologetics - begin writing cards or making improvements to your cards if you already have all cards made Please bring these assignments to club to earn tickets!

Dear NCFCA families,

I just wanted to remind you that Ziggy Online Debate is starting in this Sunday.. 

Don't miss the chance to sign up at the discounted price of $25. See the email below for more information—and please forward this to anyone who might be interested. Isaac Sommers

---------- Forwarded message ---------

Dear NCFCA families and competitors,

This will be the 8th consecutive year that Ziggy Online Debate is offered to NCFCA families around the nation. By giving students the chance to get quality debate practice before the competitive season takes off, Ziggy helps competitors hone their skills and get the most out of the following tournament season. But don't take my word for it—just look at the testimonials from many past and current competitors.

How it works Starting September 30, registered debaters will receive 1 pairing per week. The first 4 rounds will be randomly matched, and the last 6 will be power matched based on win-loss record and speaker points. Debaters compete using Skype, Google Hangouts, or whatever medium they choose. Each debater must sign up a judge when registering. For each debate, competitors then contact several judges and ask them to judge their round at the time/date agreed upon by the competitor for that given week. Judges then send ballots in to Ziggy, where we tabulate them, and to competitors, so they can get feedback after each round.

Important updates/more about Ziggy If you've done Ziggy before, we've made a few important and helpful changes for the upcoming year that will hopefully help streamline various processes for you. 

We've made it easier to opt out of certain rounds in advance. If you are out of town one week and can't debate (for example) Round 5—no problem. You can opt out in advance and you won't incur any sort of penalty. We're also putting a limit on how many "unexcused" rounds debaters can miss so that your chances of being paired against an unresponsive person are minimized! Feel free to check out this page to learn about Ziggy in more detail.

Easy, beneficial, and affordable Ziggy only costs $25 per person, which is roughly 300% less expensive per round than attending an actual tournament—and that doesn't even include hotel and travel costs! It's a great experience for students, parents get to learn more about the resolution earlier on by getting judging experience, and it's one of the easiest ways you can improve public speaking/critical thinking skills without even leaving your house. Click here to sign up!

Please forward this message to any and all NCFCA competitors (friends, club families, etc) since the more people we have participating, the higher quality it is for everyone.

Sincerely, Isaac Sommers Ziggy Online Debate

NCFCA Debate Webinars:

Want to watch the recording of the recent TP webinar? We dropped the link right here to make it extra easy for you to access. You can also access the link above via the Resource Library on your NCFCA Dashboard. Second, since you enjoyed the TP webinar, we thought you might be interested in some of the other fantastic TP resources available for affiliate families: TP - 1AC: Repeal the 2001 AUMF  TP - Affirmative Backup: Repeal the 2001 AUMF TP - Neg: Repeal the 2001 AUMF To access these documents, log in to your NCFCA Dashboard and visit the Resource Library! We hope you enjoy these TP resources carefully prepared for you by the author of our Policy Debate curriculum, Christy Shipe. Finally, don't forget to join our next TP webinar sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute on Monday, October 15th at 6pm CST! All the best, Your friends at NCFCA

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