Tournaments are What We Do!

So all of our time in club is building up to the actual tournament experience. Learning through the feedback of strangers with the motivation of a competition is our method of training so that you can use that incredible communication for the Lord the rest of your life. Make sure you have signed up for each tournament and each event you are planning to go to NOW on the site. Then make sure you pay as soon as the registration period closes and you are invoiced! Here are some important announcements:

1.  Interp Scripts

     According to the guidelines, the script you turn in should have ONLY the words that you speak.  Do not put informational words like "John said."  Any scripts with this extra non-spoken information will be returned at script submission.

2.  Extemp

      All students MUST TURN IN THEIR CARD to the head judge at the end of the speech, it is a rule.

3.  Tournament Attire

      All competitors are expected to be in appropriate attire for the entire tournament.  In the student hang-out area, you can change to comfortable shoes, but outside the hang-out area students should be in competition attire if competing in the round or at least business casual (ie dress shoes, but no coat necessary) if not competing in the round.  On campuses with long distances between the buildings, "commuting shoes" (ie. sneakers, loafers) are fine, but should be exchanged for dress shoes once you reach the building.  Absolutely NO SLIPPERS or ROBES outside the hang-out area.

4.  Check phones for messages at tournaments

     Parents need to be diligent about checking their phones at tournaments.  If compliance needs to reach you, they will do so with a text message.  Please be sure to check your phone first thing in the morning, between each round, and at the end of the day.  Students, please check your phones in a similar fashion for messages from your parents.  Unresolved compliance issues can hold up a tournament.

5.  Timing issues in a room

    If you experience a timing issue for a speech that you believe resulted in a penalty, please go to compliance to discuss the issue ONLY IF THE ERROR WAS MORE THAN 15 SECONDS.  There is already a 15 second grace period built in to the time.  

6.  Responding respectfully to judges 

     Students, if a judge asks you to do something that violates a rule---discuss your debate evidence/case, enter the room if only he/she is present, etc---you will need to politely refrain from doing what the judge is asking.  You can say something like "I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to...., but you can talk with a communications/compliance staff member if you would like."  If necessary, find a communications staff person in your building to help the judge.  If you have questions about specific scenarios, talk them through with your parents before the next tournament.

7.  Tournament App

     App check-in for the tournaments is coming soon!  (No, that doesn't mean you won't have to stand in line for script submission.)  In order to help the app function optimally,  each family needs to clean up their NCFCA account.  Please go into your family account and make sure that the email addresses are all unique to the person for which they are listed.  DO NOT use a parent address for the students.  If students do not have their own unique email addresses that they want to share with NCFCA, just leave the fields blank.  If you have questions about how to clean up the email list or need to change your primary email address, contact

8.  Head Judge Cards

    Parents, please review the head judge cards before the next tournament.  Consistency in how the rounds run make the experience much easier for the students.  The limited prep head judge responsibilities have change immensely since last year.  Familiarizing yourself with the task before the tournament will help you feel more comfortable with the job when you are asked to serve in that capacity.  You can find the 4 different cards by going here, then checking the box beside "Judging."  It will only take 3 minutes to read them all.  :)

9.  Tournament orientation & Judging videos

   Parents and students, if you have not already watched the tournament orientation video for this year, you will need to do so before attending your first tournament.  In addition, parents, you can watch the debate and speech judge orientation videos at home as well.  That way you can hit the ground running when you get to the tournament!


Time to DEBATE!

So LD will be getting smarter, and TP will be debating!

Aryani Aryani, "Aryani2"

Beall Jones, "Bones"

Bruck Kirchhofer, "Bruckhofer""

Gonzales Oby, "Goby"???

Irvin Palmer, "Irmer"???What was it?

Koch Ruiz, "Kochuiz"

Koch Patel, "Kotel"

Malone Woods, "Wone"

Malone Raj, "Maraj"

Tong Vogelsang, "Tongelsang"

AFF is listed on top, NEG underneath. Feel free to communicate with your opponents if you'd like to switch"










Comfy 1



Comfy 2



Please don't forget to be praying for our emailed prayer requests and for your assigned prayer person!

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