Two Meetings In...

All-Club Picture THIS Thursday!

If you only attend debate, plan to stay a few extra minutes to get in on our all-club picture, and if you only attend speech, make sure you're on time. :) At 3, meet at the brick wall to the right of the door we typically go in so we can take the pic! Moms and younger siblings are definitely welcome as well. ;)

TP Debate Homework:

1. Read 2 Timothy 2 and be prepared for the Bible study at the beginning of class. 

2. Read Lesson 2 of the curriculum, Principles of Logic (this includes EVERYONE -- oldbies should be reading it for review and newbies need to be ready to discuss with Jackson). 

3. Be prepared to listen well to Mackenzie and Colin's reports.

Also, complete the TP Partnership Survey linked in the email Mrs. Bruck sent out. It's due September 26!

Speech Homework:

Last week we assigned Impromptu, Interp, and Platform homework, but only Interp homework is due this upcoming Thursday (Impromptu and Platform are due the following week).

Before we get into lectures this Thursday, we'll take a brief moment to check everyone's worksheets and assign tickets. If you're not doing an Interp you don't have to do the homework, but remember, for each worksheet completed, you'll receive a ticket that'll be part of a drawing later in the fall semester for some pretty great prizes. Even if you're not planning on doing an Interp, you could still do the worksheets for the tickets, and maybe even get some ideas that might turn into a great speech!

As promised, the homework worksheets due this week are the Literary Evaluation Worksheet (page 39 of the Competitor's Guide) and the Character Analysis Worksheet (page 41). Samples are included in the curriculum so that you can see what your completed worksheet should probably look like. If you needed to purchase a Competitor's Guide for this year and haven't received it yet, email Mrs. Kirchhofer at and she'll send you copies of those two worksheets for this week.

NCFCA Affiliation Early Bird Deadline:

If you haven't yet affiliated with the NCFCA, affiliate by October 15 at the Early Bird Price of $125 per family. On October 15, the price increases to $150 per family. Affiliation with the NCFCA is required in order to compete at tournaments.

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