Two Reminders...

1. Today we start drawing for prizes!

Today we're going to start our drawings for the winners of prizes. To earn tickets, our students completed weekly homework. Today is the day delayed gratification comes into play! If you know your chances at winning a prize are a bit low, today you can finish up this week's homework and earn a few more tickets to be entered in the drawing.

This week's homework was...

1. Create an outline for an Apol speech and give it at home.

2. Complete the Character Development worksheet and Setting Development Checklist for Interps.

3. Add 2-5 stories to your Impromptu notebook and give an Impromptu speech at home.

2. Tonight is our first Apol night!

Tonight, come on over to the Mackie home after speech for conversation and food! We'll stay 'til 7.

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