Zoom Club This Week + Open House on April 9

Zoom Club This Week!

This week the church building we meet in is closed due to coronavirus, so we'll be holding club remotely over Zoom instead. Zoom is a free web conferencing platform that's pretty easy to use. I'll send more logistical details over the next day or two as we figure out how club will work, and if you're unfamiliar with how Zoom works, we can prep you for it as well. We will at least be hosting Team Policy debate and extemp over Zoom this week, and we'll figure out more details for speech and Lincoln-Douglas as well, especially if we aren't able to meet during following weeks.

KY Open Cancelled, Regionals Still On

I'm sure many of you are aware due to emails from NCFCA's leadership team that all 7 remaining NCFCA qualifiers have been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, including the KY National Open. At this time, Regionals and Nationals have not been cancelled, and so our club will prepare as usual for those tournaments.

DBU Results

As the world was beginning to turn upside down, you might recall we were in the midst of a tournament... DBU happened, and I really enjoyed being able to attend the tournament with you guys! Special shout-out to Hannah and Evan for winning Team Policy, to Mackenzie for winning Biblical, to Noa for breaking in his Informative for the first time, and to Jacob for breaking for the first time ever!

Apollos Open House on April 9

As long as things return to normal, our open house will be April 9, 3pm-5pm. We'll have demo speeches, a devotion, maybe a couple icebreakers and a demo debate, and an all-around good time. More details will be forthcoming but for now, invite yo' friends!

A lil note from me...

As this uncertainty has been swirling around, it's been feeling a little weird, hasn't it? Though competition is exciting, I'm sure some of you have begun to realize the thrill of doing well wears off rather quickly. While speech and debate is fun, it's just a tool. Let this time of resting, refocusing, and resetting be a time to break our addiction to competition and focus on what's actually important: cultivating relationships with family that may have been strained during a busy competition season, focusing on humility as we realize the things we've been working so hard for may not come about, and even spending time being creative in ways we haven't had time to.

I look forward to seeing y'all soon, but in the meantime, stay safe and make smart decisions. :)

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