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Individual Speech Events


Apollos helps students learn to know what they believe and why they believe it. Students learn to communicate effectively and persuasively through hands-on games and practice. The NCFCA offers 10 speech events in three broad categories: Interpretive, Platform, and Limited Preparation.  Parents and students are responsible for ensuring that the rules for all events are followed as each league has different rules.


In Interpretive speech events, students write, or select and analyze literature, and then they "act out" the story through the use of gestures, voice and movement without the aid of props or costumes.

NCFCA Interpretive Events:

Biblical Thematic, Duo, Humorous, and Open


Platform speeches are memorized speeches that are written by the student on a particular topic.

NCFCA Plaform Events:

Digital Presentation, Informative, and Persuasive


Limited Prep

Students have a limited time to prepare for speeches on topics that are give to them at the speech event. Different speeches have different rules on preparation and speech times.

NCFCA Limited Prep Events:

Apologetics, Extemporaneous, and Impromptu

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